Universe Carafe

Universe Carafe

  • $869.00

Are you looking for a large water carafe for your home or office?

The Universe Carafe with its capacity of 10 litres is designed for offices and meeting rooms.

The features of this stunning carafe include: 

  • Golden ratio design that restructures and revitalizes water
  • Crafted using lead-free glass and traditional glass blowing techniques
  • 10L / 340 fl .oz. capacity
  • Includes patented water tap, suitable for frequent use
  • Includes a glass tube for charging water with crystals or cooling with ice cubes
  • Features the Flower of Life in Platinum on its base

The gemstone mixture (amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz) shown is sold separately.  Note that two of these is required to completely fill the glass tube in the Universe Carafe.

The Ashwood Base shown is also sold separately.

Save $47 by purchasing the carafe, base and two sets of crystals together by selecting "Complete Set" from the drop down menu. 

Please note: the contents of the glass tube do not mix with the water in the carafe. If you're looking to do fruit infusions, the Aroma Tube for the Universe may also be purchased separately.