Pinus Cembra Room Spray

Pinus Cembra Room Spray

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Are you looking to bring the fresh scent of the outdoors into your home?

The Pinus Cembra (Swiss Stone Pine) Room Spray will freshen up any room. 

Pinus Cembra is the latin name for the Swiss Stone Pine tree. Pinus Cembra is an earthy yet stimulating fragrance that enhances feelings of well being. Native to the Alps, benefits known for centuries through traditional knowledge are now being validated through scientific studies.

Benefits of Pinus Cembra home fragrance include:

  • Supporting deep and restful sleep, allowing the body to regenerate.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety by relaxing the heart.

  • Clearing the air through antiseptic properties and promoting easier breathing.​

The Pinus Cembra Room Spray

  • Comes in a 200 ml size
  • Presented in a beautiful box featuring the Swiss Stone Pine, it makes it a superb gift idea.

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