Pinus Cembra Lids for Carafes

Pinus Cembra Lids for Carafes

  • $17.00

For those who love Pinus Cembra, the Swiss Stone Pine, lids for various carafes are available for purchase. They may be used in place of the glass lid. 

A new water experience because you taste nature with every sip. Healthy and completely natural alternative to flavoured water. The wooden cap from Swiss Stone Pine wood contains a valuable essential oil which scents and enriches the flavour of the water in the carafe


Pour water into the carafe. After three minutes, the water is revitalized. After half an hour, the water has a delicate aroma and taste of swiss stone pine. 

Natural aroma

The aroma of Swiss Stone Pine is most evident at room temperature.

Vital water

Water from the carafe is vital, full of natural energy, enriched with the symbol of the flower of life and seasoned with the natural Swiss Stone Pine aroma.