Mythos Drinking Glasses - Set of Two

Mythos Drinking Glasses - Set of Two

  • $30.00

Are you looking for a set of durable drinking glasses that feature the Flower of Life?

If so, the Mythos Drinking Glass - Set of Two might be for you!

The Mythos Drinking Glass:

  • Is designed according to the golden ratio
  • Bears the Flower of Life in your choice of gold, platinum, rainbow or white
  • Is machine-made from lead-free glass
  • Is highly durable, suitable for everyday use including by children and in commercial settings such as restaurants
  • Has a capacity of 250 ml / 8.5 fl .oz

Select your preferred Flower of Life colour from the drop-down menu and click the blue Add to Cart button to purchase your SET OF TWO Mythos Drinking Glasses.

You may also purchase a single glass, a set of four or a set of six.