Lagoena Water Bottle for Kids

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The Lagoena Water Bottle for Kids was created because we want drinking water to become popular among children. Children will be proud of their personalized coloured bottles and will like to use them. The bottle motivates them to drink more water. Parents or caregivers will be happy knowing their children are drinking vital, restructured water.

In the box, children will find accessories to create designs on the bottle. These include templates with flower and animal motifs, and watercolour pencils activated by water. The children will use them to paint their own, unique nature-inspired pictures on the the cork.

Lagoena is entirely made of natural materials, and the glass is protected by a thick cork cover. The cap is made of organic plastic with a nozzle for drinking, making it simple and safe to use.

Care Instructions

Cleaning your Lagoena Bottle is easy. Remove the rubber bands, the cork and the wooden cap. You can put the glass bottle into dishwasher or wash it by hand. Please note that the screw cap should not be washed under run water or in the dishwasher.

The lid is made of biodegradable wood and is therefore a consumable part that will wear out over time with use. Therefore we also offer the lid as a separate replacement part.