Lagoena Water Bottle 500 ml

  • $49.00

The Lagoena water bottle is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. A close-fitting natural cork jacket protects the Fibonacci sequence inspired glass bottle against shock. The non-slip cork is nice to hold and can be easily removed for cleaning.



  • 500 ml / 10 fl .oz capacity
  • Design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence
  • High quality lead-free glass
  • Hand made using traditional glass blowing techniques
  • 100% eco-friendly, made entirely of recyclable and biodegradable parts
  • Flower of Life in white


Shipping, Returns and Replacements

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  • 30 day 100% money-back guarantee
  • 50% off replacements due to accidental breakage

    Glassware Care

    • To clean
      • Remove rubber bands, cork and wooden cap
      • Bottle is dishwasher safe, or can be hand washed with the Lagoena Bottle Brush
      • Wipe the cap with a damp cloth only
    • When filling, avoid water running down between cork and glass - remove rubber rings and cork to dry if this occurs
    • When in use, close the cap snugly but don't over-tighten


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    Replacement Parts 

    The Lagoena is designed as an eco-friendly renewable bottle - all parts can be recycled or composted. All parts are available for purchase as replacements.


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