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Calix White Wine Glass

  • $34.00

Do you love wine? Do you want to enhance your wine tasting experience?

The Calix White Wine Glass is so much more than just a regular wine glass. The beautiful design is inspired by nature and the Golden Ratio. 

The shape improves the tasting experience, revealing the true nature of any wine.

  • The fine clear glass allows the colour of the wine to be easily seen.
  • The bowl shape allows the "legs" of the wine to develop better than in other glasses. 
  • The gentle taper at the top allows the aroma to be fully appreciated. 
  • The segments create a larger surface area, allowing any wine to more fully open. 

Calix White Wine Glasses:

  • Are handmade in Europe from borosilicate (lead-free) glass
  • Are made using traditional glass-blowing techniques
  • Have a maximum capacity of 400 ml / 14 fl .oz.

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Nature’s Design Enhances Your Wine!