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Calix Red Wine Glasses - Set of Four

  • $136.00

Do you love wine? Do you want to enhance your wine tasting experience?

The Calix Red Wine Glass is so much more than just a regular wine glass. The beautiful design is inspired by nature and the Golden Ratio. 

The shape of the Calix Red Wine Glass improves the tasting experience, revealing the true nature of any wine.

  • The fine clear glass allows the colour of the wine to be easily seen.
  • The bowl shape allows the "legs" of the wine to develop better than other wine glasses. 
  • The gentle taper at the top allows the aroma to be fully appreciated. 
  • The segments create a larger surface area, allowing any wine to more fully open. This is particularly useful for complex wines with layers of flavour.

Calix Red Wine Glasses:

  • Are handmade in Europe from borosilicate (lead-free) glass
  • Are made using traditional glass-blowing techniques
  • Have a capacity of 500 ml / 17 fl .oz.

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You may also purchase a single glass, a set of two glasses, or a set of six glasses.

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Nature’s Design Enhances Your Wine!