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Cadus Pitcher with White Flower of Life and Pinus Cembra Lid

  • $99.00

Do you want to infuse your water with crystal energy?

The Cadus Pitcher features a separate compartment in the base with a removable wood stopper for placing gemstones. This product is different from other gem water carafes because you can use your own crystals!

It features:

  • A delicate rectangle shape, designed according to the golden ratio
  • Lead-free glass 
  • A Flower of Life in White on the base
  • A Pinus Cembra lid 

The Pinus Cembra lid gently infuses and enriches the water in the carafe with the fresh aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine tree. The aroma is most evident at room temperature.

The Cadus Pitcher with White Flower of Life Pinus Cembra lid is available only in the 1 L size.

If you prefer a different lid, you may purchase the 1 L Cadus with either an olive wood or glass lid.

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