Cadus Pitcher w/ Pinus Cembra Lid - Nature's Design - Fractal Effects

Cadus Pitcher with Pinus Cembra Lid

  • $85.00

The Cadus Pitcher has a delicate rectangular shape, designed according to the golden ratio. It has a 1 litre capacity and comes in two styles: either with the flower of life in white, or with a space for placing crystals.

The Pinus Cembra lid may be purchased with either the white flower of life or crystal style Cadus Pitcher. The lid gently infuses and enriches the water in the carafe with the fresh aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine tree. The aroma is most evident when the water is at room temperature.

In the crystal pitcher, the water has a magnifying effect on the stones that emphasizes their beauty spectacularly. The crystal mixture (amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz) is included. Additional crystals may also be purchased separately. 


1 liter / 34 fl .oz.

Traditional mouth blown workmanship

Lead-free glass suitable for use up to 70°C / 158° F