Alladin Family Carafe - Nature's Design - Fractal Effects

Alladin Family Basic Carafe (no Flower of Life)

  • $159.00

Are you looking for a family-sized carafe to revitalize your drinking water?

If so, the 2.3 Litre Alladin Carafe is perfect for you. The Alladin Carafe was designed to revitalize your water with its golden ratio-inspired design.

The Alladin Family Carafe: 

  • Produces restructured water, as verified by lab tests using Dr. Emoto's method
  • Has a sacred-geometry inspired design with six sections in the same proportions as the Fibonacci sequence 
  • Is created using traditional glass blowing techniques
  • Has a capacity of 2.3 liter / 78 fl. oz
  • Is health conscious, made of lead-free glass
  • Does not have the Flower of Life on the base

Looking for a slightly smaller carafe, also without the Flower of Life? See the 1.3 L Alladin Basic Carafe

Care Instructions

The Alladin Carafe should be washed by hand with soap and warm water.