Our Story

Our Story

Fractal Effects offers home wares and personal effects to support you on your spiritual and self-care journey. We aim to provide high quality, beautiful items that will raise your vibration and make great home decor.  

We live by our mantra ~ life is magic! 

Our Personal Stories

In the mid 2000s Ryan’s mother was chronically ill with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to help her, Ryan learned about alternative healing modalities including reiki, massage therapy and crystal healing. He became passionate about crystals and began carrying crystals to better himself and evolve spiritually. He saw significant changes in his levels of awareness and stress; he noticed how different stones would affect him differently. He read up on the stones and their properties. He was amazed to learn that how the crystals had affected him was consistent with how they were described in the books.

Around that time, Ryan observed that many of the types of crystals and related products he wished to purchase were not available in the Ottawa area. Any items he was able to find online, such as charging pyramids and glassware, had to be imported from overseas. Ever since, he has been passionate about starting a business to share these products and their benefits with others. 

Jessica’s family connection to gems and minerals dates to the mid-1800s when her great-great grandfather made ceremonial regalia for secret societies in Toronto. Her grandfather began his career as a jeweller at age 10 years in the 1920s, delivering diamonds and watches by bicycle to Toronto customers of Birks Ellis Ryrie. Grandad Reid worked for Birks for his whole career, and managed the  Sudbury and Windsor stores. He imparted a love of jewelry and fine home wares to his family. 

Since the birth of their son Jasper, Jessica has sought to better understand the energy within - the energy centres of the chakras (yes we all have them!) and exercising her own intuitive capabilities through meditation and connecting with crystals.