Our Story

Fractal Effects offers home wares and personal effects to help you achieve your highest potential. We provide high quality items that help you stay hydrated and make great home decor.  

Life is magic! 

Our Story

In the mid 2000s to help his mother who was chronically ill with MS, Ryan learned about reiki, massage therapy and crystal healing. He became passionate about crystals and began carrying them to better himself and evolve spiritually. He saw changes in his levels of awareness and stress. He noticed how different stones would affect him and read up on the crystals and their properties. He was amazed to learn how the crystals had affected him was how they were described in books.

Around that time, Ryan noticed that many crystals and related products he liked were not available in Canada. Things he was able to find online, such as charging pyramids and glassware, had to be imported sometimes at too great an expense. He was inspired to start a business.

Thanks to her family growing up, Jessica gained knowledge and appreciation of minerals and metals, jewelry and home wares. To her, hydration is an important component of a healthy lifestyle that includes working, biking and chasing after kids. Through creative visualization she has sought to better understand the energy within, the energy centres of the chakras. These things all come together for her in the harmonious form of the glassware.  

Together they are passionate about staying hydrated and sharing Nature's Design glassware and selected home fragrance with you!