Mythos Flora and Fauna - Set of Four Glasses

Mythos Flora and Fauna - Set of Four Glasses

  • $59.00

Are you looking for a durable drinking glass that features nature symbols and motivational mantras?

If so, the Mythos Flora and Fauna glasses are exactly what you're looking for!

"All beings are one” was the inspiration for the Flora and Fauna Mythos Glasses. Each glass contains an illustration and two motifs expressing connection between all beings. Children love these special edition glasses. 

Each Mythos Flora and Fauna glass has a different colour and affirmation:

  • Blue - I am happy 
  • Green - I enjoy learning
  • Orange - I can do it
  • Red - I have a big heart

The Mythos Flora and Fauna Drinking Glasses:

  • Are designed according to the golden ratio 
  • Are machine-made from lead-free glass
  • Are highly durable, suitable for everyday use including by children and in commercial settings such as restaurants
  • Have a capacity of 250 ml / 8.5 fl .oz

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You may also purchase the Mythos Flora and Fauna glasses individually here.