Cadus Pitcher with Gemstones and Olive Wood Lid
Cadus Pitcher with Gemstones and Olive Wood Lid

Cadus Pitcher with Gemstones and Olive Wood Lid

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Are you looking to infuse the water you drink at home each day with crystal energy?

If so, the 1 litre Cadus Pitcher with gemstones is perfect for you. The Cadus Pitcher revitalizes your water with its golden ratio-inspired design and crystal energy.

This special "Olive Wood Edition" comes with an olive wood lid instead of the regular glass lid. 

The 1 L Cadus Pitch with Gemstones: 

  • Produces restructured water, as verified by lab tests using Dr. Emoto's method
  • Has a delicate rectangular shape, designed according to the golden ratio
  • Includes a gemstone mixture of amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz
  • Emphasizes the beauty of the crystals due to the magnifying effect of the water on the stones
  • Is created using traditional glass blowing techniques
  • Is health conscious, made of lead-free glass
  • Features a glass compartment in the base which separates the crystals completely from the water.

Use Your Own Crystals! 

The Cadus Pitcher features a removable wood stopper in the base. This allows you to use whatever crystals you wish, according to the energy you require. The "use your own crystals" feature is unique to the Cadus Pitcher. It provides outstanding value when compared to other crystal water glassware brands.

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Care Instructions

The olive wood lid can be rubbed with sunflower oil to reveal the spectacular natural grain of the wood. 

The Cadus Pitcher should be washed by hand with soap and warm water. 

Remove the crystals periodically and cleanse them using your preferred method. 

Ensure the pitcher is not sitting in water on the counter to avoid cracking the wood stopper. 

Replacement Lids

We offer replacement lids in three styles: glass, olive wood and swiss stone pine.

The gemstone mixture (amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz) is included. Additional crystals may also be purchased separately

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